An international focus

Today, Dedienne Santé has a presence in multiple countries throughout Europe, Asia and South America; a significant percentage of our sales come from exports. We are aware of the future challenges and opportunities that await French implant companies working internationally, and our goal is to expand our international market base in lower extremity joint replacement and in sports medicine.

We are particularly proud of these international initiatives, which combine our knowledge, skills and focus on patient safety with an international outlook. Since Dedienne Santé’s founding, our manufacturing plant has been located in the south of France, near the Montpellier metro area, which is well-known as a hotbed of MedTech businesses.

We owe our success to our key skills in injection molding and thermocompression of polymers, using our PE-THER® process.

Customized solutions, beyond France’s borders

Dedienne Santé’s export policy aims to create partnerships with distributors that have a strong local market presence and specialize in orthopedics. Our manufacturing knowledge and skills are widely acknowledged, and we use them to design better products to support the health professionals we work with, thus meeting the needs of our partners outside France.

We offer well-defined product lines focused on innovative concepts, combined with our completely personalized service. The people in our export sales department are noted for their responsiveness and receptivity to customers’ needs. Each team member is an expert in their business territory, and they provide training and support for their customers. In partnership with our marketing department, we began an in-depth effort to create sales support materials that are specific to highly targeted geographic areas.

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At Dedienne Santé, our R&D department is adapting to changes in the way it works, reflecting the changes in our company and in the orthopedics market. Our product portfolio must evolve so that we can adapt to changes in market demands and respond to those of new markets.

Our R&D team members are experts in the orthopedics market and its products, and they are constantly monitoring the technology associated with these. In essence, the R&D team functions as the interface between the production process and our marketing department. Our research aims to optimize technology, image, economic realities (ensuring that the implants’ quality/price ratio is appropriate for the market) and business practices, by strictly complying with the guidelines, rules and regulations applicable to them.

Our project-based approach to business organization

Our team members are selected for their ethics and interpersonal skills, and we are committed to their career development. Our engineers, technicians and graphic designers work together with medical professionals and their surgical teams to offer the highest quality manufactured products. Their relationships are based on trust, respect and a mutual desire to innovate. By working together with surgeons, we guarantee that patients will receive high-quality care during surgery. We strive for excellence, in order to help patients return to their normal daily lives in good physical health.

We are also aware of today’s challenges: product design is a vast area of experimentation for our R&D team. In particular, ergonomics has become a guiding principle for us. The goal of every project is to combine comfort, safety and reliability so that surgeons know they are using dependable implants that are fully aligned with the quality of their work.

At Dedienne Santé, we know that, in order to meet surgeons’ and their teams’ ergonomic needs, the implant and its instrumentation must work together. Our products must be meticulously produced with high value added, and surgery teams must be able to work with them as safely as possible. Our products, and each instrument used to implant them, are systematically tested. Our implants undergo all the required testing needed before they are submitted to the appropriate accreditation entities. Their approval is needed before these implants can to be brought to market.

The modern economy is always changing. In order to keep pace with this reality, businesses that are open to change are able to adapt. The medical sector is not immune to these ongoing changes. Responsiveness, innovation, safety and quality… today, MedTech companies must be aware of all these aspects if they want to grow in our complex, globalized environment.

Our quality process

Dedienne Santé’s professionalism in the orthopedic implant and sports medicine markets is well-known. Among our core values, maintaining and optimizing our Quality Management System (QMS) to meet our customers’ demands, and the demands of applicable regulatory requirements, is a key factor in our success. Our quality process, based on the ISO 13485 standard and the European medical device directive (93/42/EEC), guarantees that our products comply with regulatory requirements for the markets in which we sell them.

We have chosen to be certified by G-MED, a French Notified Body.

G-MED has a worldwide reputation as one of the most demanding certification entities. LNE/G-MED confirms, on an annual basis and after an audit, that our QMS and product technical documentation will receive certification. The CE mark is a guarantee for the medical professionals who use our products.

Our quality process also relies on technical and scientific skills. Our manufacturing processes comply with optimized manufacturing procedures, and uses modern equipment approved under applicable standards. These processes include a continuous improvement procedure that is aligned with the requirements of the market and our customers.

We perform post-market surveillance on an ongoing basis, and we comply scrupulously with our duty to remain vigilant. We have chosen a rigorous clinical evaluation system by collecting clinical data to confirm the risk/benefit ratio of our products (European directive 2007/47).

Business performance means listening to our customers and looking at ourselves.

Holding ourselves to a high standard is one of the key foundations of the Dedienne Santé philosophy.

“I am committed to ensuring that the required resources, technical and scientific skills are available on the human and material levels, so that our quality process, based on the ISO 13485 standard and the European medical device directive (93/42/EEC), ensures that we have a continuous and effective improvement procedure. ”

As a designer, manufacturer and distributor of orthopedic implants, we at Dedienne Santé focus our attention on customer satisfaction, through the commitment of each one of our employees. We understand that our core strength relies on the quality of our products and our employees’ interpersonal skills. Here, more than elsewhere, manufacturing joint implants requires highly specialized skills. We are well aware that these skills are a rarity in the market.

As a company on a human scale, we have differentiated ourselves through a commitment to meaningful work and to diversity. We offer each one of our employees a personalized professional development plan. During this transformational period, our HR team is available to our employees and their managers, from hiring to on-boarding, to tracking and developing new skills.

Open-mindedness, a spirit of innovation, rigor and results

In addition to our technical skills and market knowledge, we value the human component in everything we do: open-mindedness, a spirit of innovation, rigor and results. The ability to work in teams is highly prized. At Dedienne Santé, we also see flexibility as a route to performance – as this allows us to adapt and remain competitive – but we also see flexibility as a source of fulfilment for our employees. For this reason, flexibility is the heart of our HR policy.

Our various jobs span the entire product development cycle, from research to sales. In the context of our growth objectives, we are regularly seeking experienced employees in various areas including research and development, production, finance, purchasing, logistics, all support roles, sales, export, communications and marketing.

Because we are aware of challenges, and because we appreciate the dedication, new viewpoints and curiosity that students provide, we offer many internships each year, in various departments.

 Are you actively looking for a job, or for an internship?

We are always on the lookout for new talent to round out our teams. Send us your CV for consideration. If a position seems like a good fit for your skills, we will contact you. You may also send us an unsolicited inquiry, and we will contact you if a position that is a good fit for your skills becomes available.

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