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By rigorously screening our partners, Dedienne Santé actively promotes and shares its healthcare sector expertise. In line with this goal of promoting performance, we have launched well thought-out collaborations. Depending on the issues at hand, sharing skills can help us undertake research in the context of innovation, expand the market for our products, and access targeted technical expertise in a timely manner. It can also help increase our flexibility, so that we can respond to customers’ needs or win new markets.

Like Dedienne Santé, Marle SAS has garnered an excellent reputation in the orthopedics industry, based on more than 30 years of experience, very high-quality manufacturing and a continuous innovation policy. We selected our supplier for its ironworks, which are renowned for their high-level, highly consistent physical and mechanical properties: maximum strength, ductility, exceptional dimensional stability, etc.

Digital pre-operative planning is a real solution because it allows surgeons to plan faster and more accurately. That’s why Dedienne Santé is developing partnerships with companies offering planning solutions, which we consider to be great opportunities to always offer greater customer satisfaction.

Find Dedienne Santé’s ranges on the following platforms:

  • mediCAD
  • Orthoview (Materialise)
  • Traumacad (Brainlab)
  • EDEN (OneOrtho)

We thank “la Région Occitanie“, which supports our Development.

We thank Oneortho and Global D for their valuable collaboration.

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