Dedienne Santé


MENIX was founded in 2008 under the leadership of Mr. Patrick RONDOT with the acquisition of DEDIENNE SANTÉ from the DEDIENNE Group.

MENIX Group is a French holding company that aims to bring together leading brands in orthopedics, dental implantology, and Cranio-Maxillo-Facial surgery. In less than 10 years, MENIX Group has multiplied its turnover by 10. The holding company had 350 employees in 2018 and continues to record double-digit organic annual growth.

The group is one of the major French players in the field of orthopedics, as it holds 65% of the turnover in the European market. It also has a significant presence in the European market for dental implants.

The leadership of MENIX GROUP is provided by Cyrille FLEURY and Christophe MARRONE.

Cyrille Fleury

Cyrille FLEURY, Chairman of Menix Group

Modernization as a growth driver

The strategy pursued by MENIX Group has always aimed to approach the market in a highly dynamic manner. Deliberately different approaches, yet grounded in the key factor of innovation. Historically, MENIX Group has been a “proxy inventor” in orthopedics with the double-mobility cup. The group positions itself as a pioneer, demonstrating its ability to invent new solutions that meet real needs.


The group claims a French manufacturing for all its products and subsidiaries for over 40 years.

Dedienne Santé

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