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As a specialized actor in the field of healthcare, we are experts in hip and sports surgery. Our expertise focuses on the design of orthopedic prostheses that enhance the stability and mobility of each individual. Therefore, like surgery, we are convinced that our commitment to corporate social responsibility contributes to strengthening our relationships with our partners, promotes sustainability, and contributes to the overall well-being of society.


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As a human-sized company, we voluntarily integrate CSR into our strategy. DEDIENNE SANTE’s CSR policy aims at five main objectives to enable our business to engage as closely as possible with sustainable development:

  • Contributing to sustainable development challenges by integrating CSR into our strategy and ensuring the integrity of the company;
  • Reducing our environmental footprint by controlling our greenhouse gas emissions, efficiently managing our resource consumption, improving our waste management, and preserving biodiversity;
  • Ensuring responsible and quality products by co-developing with our suppliers and partners a more sustainable procurement and freight, promoting eco-responsibility and eco-design, and ensuring quality service and products;
  • Improving the quality of life at work for our employees by enabling skills development, preserving the health and safety of our employees, providing pleasant working conditions, and committing to equality and diversity;
  • Being an active participant in our community by actively contributing to the development of local employment and supporting social causes.
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To ensure the success of our CSR projects, topics are addressed at the highest level of the hierarchy. Our commitment is led by the management but also by our CSR committee, which aims to support, formalize, and centralize the CSR approach initiated by DEDIENNE SANTE.

Thanks to our commitment to CSR, DEDIENNE SANTE contributes to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda by working towards the accomplishment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations. We are convinced that this commitment will strengthen our long-term performance and contribute to building a better and more sustainable world for future generations.


Did you know? A 5°C increase is the maximum expected temperature rise on Earth by 2100 in the absence of strong measures.


Our CSR policy aims to reduce our environmental footprint by controlling our greenhouse gas emissions. Aware of climate issues, we began the CSR journey by conducting a carbon footprint assessment in 2023 with the assistance of BPI France, in partnership with ADEME and in collaboration with ABC.


1920 T CO2 is the carbon footprint of our greenhouse gas emissions at DEDIENNE SANTE for the fiscal year 2022. This is equivalent to:

  • The annual emissions of 216 French citizens;
  • 190 laps around the Earth by car
  • The combustion of 605,680 liters of diesel.


Key Indicators:

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These 1920 T of CO2 are distributed as follows :

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By 2030, our objective is to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve this, a decarbonization action plan has been implemented, focusing on product procurement and fixed assets. Together, we are working for a better and more environmentally respectful world.

To access our CSR Commitment Letter, please click the button below :

For more information on our CSR commitments, you can contact us via the following email address: rse@dedienne-sante.com.

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In a context where DEDIENNE SANTÉ asserts itself as a major player in French implantology, its orientation towards internationalization is gaining increasing importance. This strategic expansion is based on solid industrial expertise and a strong ambition for global outreach, emphasizing the values of quality and safety associated with the “Made in France” label.


DEDIENNE SANTE is currently present in various countries across Africa, South America, Asia, and Europe, thus generating a significant portion of its turnover through exports. Aware of future challenges and the reputation renowned by French implantology manufacturers worldwide, our ambition is to expand our international presence in hip surgery and sports.

The company is especially proud of this approach, which combines the notions of French expertise and safety to be valued beyond borders. Our manufacturing site has been established since the creation of DEDIENNE HEALTH in the South of France, near the Metropolis of Montpellier, renowned for its “gems” in the Medtech sector.

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DEDIENNE SANTE’s export distribution policy aims to establish partnerships with distribution companies, specialized in orthopedics, and deeply rooted in their local markets. DEDIENNE SANTE possesses recognized industrial expertise, which the company leverages design in collaboration with healthcare professionals to meet the needs of its partners beyond its borders.


Our strategy concerns to offer a structured offering around innovative product ranges combined with tailored service. Our contacts in the Export Sales Department are appreciated for their responsiveness and listening skills. They all have a thorough (complet) understanding of their geographic area and provide training and support to their clients. In partnership with the Marketing Department, substantial work has been initiated to develop sales support tools specific to well-targeted geographic areas.

At Dedienne Santé, our R&D department is adapting to changes in the way it works, reflecting the changes in our company and in the orthopedics market. Our product portfolio must evolve so that we can adapt to changes in market demands and respond to those of new markets.

Our R&D team members are experts in the orthopedics market and its products, and they are constantly monitoring the technology associated with these. In essence, the R&D team functions as the interface between the production process and our marketing department. Our research aims to optimize technology, image, economic realities (ensuring that the implants’ quality/price ratio is appropriate for the market) and business practices, by strictly complying with the guidelines, rules and regulations applicable to them.


Our team members are selected for their ethics and interpersonal skills, and we are committed to their career development. Our engineers, technicians and graphic designers work together with medical professionals and their surgical teams to offer the highest quality manufactured products. Their relationships are based on trust, respect and a mutual desire to innovate. By working together with surgeons, we guarantee that patients will receive high-quality care during surgery. We strive for excellence, in order to help patients return to their normal daily lives in good physical health.

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We are also aware of today’s challenges: product design is a vast area of experimentation for our R&D team. In particular, ergonomics has become a guiding principle for us. The goal of every project is to combine comfort, safety and reliability so that surgeons know they are using dependable implants that are fully aligned with the quality of their work.


At Dedienne Santé, we know that, in order to meet surgeons’ and their teams’ ergonomic needs, the implant and its instrumentation must work together. Our products must be meticulously produced with high value added, and surgery teams must be able to work with them as safely as possible. Our products, and each instrument used to implant them, are systematically tested. Our implants undergo all the required testing needed before they are submitted to the appropriate accreditation entities. Their approval is needed before these implants can to be brought to market.

The medical sector is constrained by a strong and constantly evolving regulatory framework. In this context, DEDIENNE Santé continuously invests in its Regulatory and Quality processes to sustain innovation and enhance the quality and performance of our devices.


Among the values we uphold, maintaining and optimizing our Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with customer requirements and current applicable regulatory requirements is a key success factor. Our quality approach is built on European medical device standards: EN ISO 13485 and Regulation (EU) 2017/745.

We have chosen to be certified to EN ISO 13485 by Kiwa Cermet Italia SpA, one of the few notified bodies for Regulation EU 2017/745.

Our QMS, composed of procedures, instructions, methodologies, and documented practices, is based on a culture of evidence to ensure reproducibility, continuous improvement, and robustness in our activities, as well as permanent access to evidence of their implementation. Ultimately, our QMS aims to guarantee the safety, performance, and quality of the devices manufactured, and consequently demonstrate the conformity of our products to the regulatory requirements of the markets in which they are marketed.


Among the markets where our devices are marketed, the European market operates in a regulatory environment undergoing significant changes: Regulation (EU) 2017/745 has replaced Directive 93/42/EEC concerning the rules for placing medical devices on the market and putting them into service. However, a transition period sees the coexistence of the old and new regulatory framework to allow different stakeholders time to adapt; as a legal manufacturer, DEDIENNE Santé complies with the conditions of Regulation (EU) 2017/745 regarding these transitional provisions.


Thus, our CE conformity certificates issued under Directive 93/42/EEC have their validity extended until 2027 or 2028 (depending on the device class). All our technical files have been updated to incorporate the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2017/745 and are currently being evaluated by a notified body.


Once on the market, our devices are subject to diligent surveillance that strictly adheres to vigilance obligations (evolution of the state of the art, customer satisfaction surveys, customer complaints, incidents, safety corrective measures, trends, post-market clinical data), allowing us to optimize our organization through corrections and corrective actions.


Equipping ourselves with a high degree of demand constitutes the very foundations of DEDIENNE SANTÉ’s philosophy.

« We are committed to ensuring the availability of all necessary resources to carry out our Quality Policy and deploy an CSR approach with the permanent objective of respecting customer and regulatory requirements. »

As a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of orthopedic implants, DEDIENNE SANTÉ focuses on satisfying its customers by mobilizing the commitment of each employee in the company. We understand that the core of our strength lies in the quality of our products and the human qualities of our employees. Here, more than anywhere else, prosthetic manufacturing requires highly specific skills. We are well aware that skills are scarce in the market.

As a small-sized company, to make a difference, we make it a priority to give meaning to work and promote diversity. We offer each of our employees a personalized professional development plan. In this challenging period of renewal, our HR team is available to employees and their managers, from recruitment to integration, monitoring, and skills development.


In addition to technical skills and market knowledge, we value the human dimension in each of our professions: open-mindedness, innovation drive, rigor, and results-oriented mindset. The ability to work in a team is highly valued. In parallel, mobility is seen at DEDIENNE SANTÉ as a performance driver, enabling adaptation and competitiveness, but we also believe it fosters fulfillment for our employees. For this reason, we place it at the heart of our HR policy.

Our professions cover the entire product development cycle, from research to commercialization. As part of our development policy, we regularly seek experienced collaborators in various fields including Research and Development, production, finance, purchasing, logistics, support functions, sales, exports, communication, and marketing.

Aware of the challenges and because we appreciate the involvement, fresh perspective, and curiosity of young students, we offer several internship opportunities each year across various departments.


We are actively seeking talent to strengthen our teams. If a position aligns with your profile, we will not hesitate to contact you. You are also welcome to submit your spontaneous application, and we will reach out if an opportunity matches your profile. To apply, you can contact us via the following email address : rh@dedienne-sante.com.

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